Sunday, July 31, 2011


Ampere - Like Shadows LP. Fifteen tracks of the best, most aggressive screamo in existence. All the fury, rage, and woundedness that we have come to expect from these lunatics from Amherst. The wait is over! Members of Orchid, Montcalm, The Last 40 Seconds. No Idea Records.

Foreign Objects - No Sensation LP. Super-energetic, catchy punk songs with vocals that remind me of Bikini Kill. Sounds a lot like more aggressive parts of the early post punk genre, think Wire with more pissed tempos and drumming. Members of Ampere and Libyans. Vinyl Rites.

Captives - Unspeakable Truths CS. If you live in Cincinnati, you are probably as crushed as I am that this band lasted for such a short time. If you live outside of Cincinnati, you missed the fuck out. Some of the best hardcore I've heard in years, completely inhuman drumming and high anxiety throughout. get the tape or pose. Ex and current members of Paralyzer, Black Dove, Tumorfeast, White Walls, Silo, and I Fail

get all three HERE.

I am now totally sold out of the Apparition demo CS. Stay tuned for a couple new releases on xEDx, and updates about tours/future plans.

Friday, July 29, 2011


Siblings, Veterans, and Grist Mill from Maine. Don't be shy.

Saturday, July 23, 2011


Veterans is wrapping up the mixing process for our side of a split with our good friends SIBLINGS. It will be released on xEDx first as a cassette in time for our tour together this summer, and as a 7'' before the Fall. We couldn't be more excited for the next couple months.

Here's a sample from our side of the split:

OVER by Andreas xVx

Friday, July 22, 2011


I have a few new items in my DISTRO you should check out.

Nukkehammer - Soviet Rust Belt 7'' EP. Seven tracks of absolutely scorching d-beat punk, heavily influenced by the japanese tradition. Totally out of control feedback and brilliant lyrics. pretend the cold war never ended. These have been selling out everywhere, get it while you can! Solar Funeral / SPHC / Hesitation Wound.

Escalator - Performance Anxiety CS. Second cassette release from this unhinged blistering hxc two-piece from CT. Imagine a rawer, more chaotic, less metallic HHIG kind of sound. awesome cover of the song "Pure Entertainment" by the legendary Failure Face. Don't miss it. Released by We Rise.

Expect another update soon. I'm expecting a few copies of Ampere's new LP, "Like Shadows" and a few new cassette releases from local bands shortly.

Friday, July 8, 2011


My Band, Apparition, has just released the first run of our new demo CS. Check the RELEASES page at right for more info. We will be playing a show in Mt. Pleasant, MI tomorrow, and we'll have a few copies with us. Also, these shirts:

here's a track from our new demo:

Apparition Demo Track2 by Andreas xVx

get pumped.

Also, If you need a friend, I suggest this man. His name is Dan Buckley, he's the best, and he never sleeps.