Saturday, December 5, 2009


Some friends and I have begun work in earnest on an ambitious new project, and I invite you all to participate. We will be creating a new zine focusing on Hardcore/Punk, critical thinking, poetry/creative writing, and more. This zine will be titled Disastrous, and we are currently requesting submissions in two areas:

1. General: Write articles or essays, anecdotes about interesting experiences you have, thoughts on music or bands, criticism of the community/culture/scene you live in, anything you feel the need to write or feel could be shared or printed.

2. Response writing. Every issue, there will be a prompt given for submissions. This first issue, we are aslking that people respond to, "The First..." It can be any kind of writing, just run with it.

please email all correspondence related to this project to disastrous.zine @