Sunday, November 22, 2009

Penpal Collective

Hey everyone, I just tought I'd let you all know about a new project some friends and I are starting. It's called Penpal Collective. We meet every monday at the Northside Branch Public Library (downstairs conference room) at 6:30 pm to discuss political prisoners and to write letters to those who are incarcerated. There will be a focus each week on a different political prisoner, though you may write to anyone you wish. Envelopes, paper, stamps and pens provided. for more info about the Collective, or anything else here, write me at ruoppolo(@)riseup[dot]net. I hope to see you there. thanks.

for more info about some political prisoners, please visit:

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Holy Fuck... this shit is good.

Just in case some of you out there haven't heard of Undying, I thought I'd share my favorite song of theirs, "Echoes". Killer Vegan Straight Edge Anti-Civilization Metal. Seriously, this shit is melting my mind right now.

lyrics after the jump.

Monday, November 16, 2009

From The Depths

The show last night was incredible.

We arrived at Bunk only to discover that the electricity was out. Two bands and a crowd of would-be-show-goers stood outside waiting to see if the show would even occur. I called a friend who was attending the show at CS13 and he spoke to the organizers there, who were more than happy to allow us to tack our show onto the end of theirs.

From the depths destroyed that room. it was an experience I rarely have in cincinnati to be at a hardcore show where the feeling of passion and community is more prominent than the scenester social club vibe that typically wins out.

As always, Paralyzer brought the rage. I fucking love that band.

Hardcore is a live medium; it doesn't lend itself to recordings willingly. A band will (almost) always show their true colors more in a live setting than on a record. A record will never be able to contain the fire and intensity of truly great bands. In this repect, I can only feel scornful pity for any one of you who missed from the depths' set (this goes double for the dipshits who sat outside smoking), you can listen to their cd, but you missed an awe inspiring performance.

you poor, miserable bastards.

thanks thanks thanks to From the depths for playing, paralyzer for making us proud, bunk (for trying!), and especially to Isaac and everyone else at CS13 for allowing this to take place at all. You are the shit. I love you.

Monday, November 9, 2009